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Welcome to our hop. We’re so glad you’re here! It was my challenge this week:

Describe your perfect day.

Since this is whatever I want it to be, let’s make this the really perfect day!

My perfect day would begin with someone (are you reading this, Husband? Because the dog doesn’t have thumbs) bringing me coffee in bed. Oh wait…first I get to sleep past six. Then, once I’m awake, I go and play racquetball for a half hour (and of course, win). Then, my masseuse is waiting. After an hour massage, I take a long shower and get ready to write.

I sit at my keyboard and several thousand brilliant words just flow. Then, lunch. Which, of course, is ready. One or two of my friends show up and we eat and then go shopping for an hour or so (no, not grocery shopping).

Then, more writing, social media, answering emails.

Dinner has been planned and prepared by someone else and when my husband gets home, I turn off the computer and Bob and I catch up on the day. With a glass of wine.

We eat and go for a walk with the dog, then settle down to watch a little TV (oh, yes, something reality or a really good series).

Then, it’s time for sleep. And an end to another perfect day.

Hey, this is my fantasy, so I get to forget laundry, cooking, errands and all that other stuff, right?

Here’s wishing us all a perfect day every day!

OUATCloth_eBook_PROOF2                     HannahWar_eBook_HighRes

Just re-released!

Now, let’s hop over to the wonderful Jenna Da Sie and see what her perfect day looks like.


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