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This week’s challenge comes from the remarkable Jenna Da Sie:

What are you doing or did you do for the 4th of July or Canada Day to celebrate? Did you see any good fireworks?

The Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday. It celebrates freedom. I know that’s obvious, but I think sometimes we forget just how precious that is.

I love the fireworks and it’s great to see them lighting up the night sky with brilliant colors. They are beautiful and symbolize the celebration with explosions of joy. And they remind me how grateful I need to be, on every level, for what we have in this country.

I cannot imagine the sheer courage it took for our forefathers to rebel against England and her king. We were this little upstart nation who dared to stand up and say ‘no’ more to tyranny. Amazing.

So, on the Fourth, I thank all those who were so brave and fought and gave up so much so I could be free.


(A different war but still a fight for freedom)

Let’s hop over and see what the incredible Brenda Margriet does to celebrate…

Brenda Margriet newest



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