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This week’s challenge comes from the wonderful and talented A.S. Fenichel:

The year is half over! OMG! Tell us about how you organize your world? Do you keep a day planner? Do you use your phone? Is organization important to you or is your life in total chaos and you love it?

My world is partly organized in my head. And by keeping to a routine in the morning. And on post-it notes. I have a hundred multi-colored sticky reminders all over the house. Sometimes they remind me of the stuff I need at the grocery store. And sometimes chores I might otherwise forget. But mostly, they are bits and pieces of whatever book I’m working on at the moment. And I hope someone who does not know I write never comes in and reads them, since I am sure they would call the police. Notes like “Kill (whoever)”, “kidnap (whoever)” – you get the idea – might cause some concern.

I had a cleaning woman come once who overheard me talking about the plot of one of my books with a friend. The woman stopped working and disappeared and wouldn’t answer her phone. I am certain she thought I was a serial killer making plans for my next victim.

I am definitely a pantser when it comes to my books and that makes me happy, since I can allow the characters to tell the story their way. Sometimes that leads to chaos, but that’s okay. Somehow, they all manage to work it out and live happily ever after.


And announcing the soon to be re-released


Now, let’s hop over and see how the fabulous Jenna Da Sie deals with her world…


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