Romance Weekly



This week’s challenge comes from the incredible S. C. Mitchell:

Let’s take a trip. Pretend your publisher has offered you a two week vacation anywhere in the world to inspire a new noel. Where do you go and why?

Europe. Four places specifically. First, Italy. I was in Rome years ago and it is the most fantastic city. History, art, great food and wonderful, welcoming people. And romance is around every corner.


And Venice, where all the same is true, but there are also dark alleys full of mysteries and all kinds of possibilities.


Then, I would fly over to Dublin and from there, wander into the Irish countryside and drink in the green and the beauty and the ancient stories of love and romance and don’t forget the Celtic tales. And the castles.


Last, but not least, I would travel around Scotland. I would talk to the people and try to absorb their history of strength and perseverance and bravery. And don’t forget the handsome lads with bright blue eyes and red hair. Being a little partial to red hair myself. Oh, and then there are the castles….


Well, I can’t take off two weeks just yet, but one of these days….


Let’s hop over and see where the incredible A.S. Fenichel would go….

As Fenichel new release


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