Romance Weekly



This week’s challenge comes from the incredibly gifted Brenda Margriet:

Are you interested in genealogy? Have you traced your family generations back? If so, how far have you gone? And what fascinating stories have you discovered?

Genealogy is not a straight road and with every twist and turn, I suppose I expected some miraculous discovery. I have gone back several generations, but I ended up a little disappointed when I realized I was probably not descended from kings and queens or even people who changed the world in a big way.  Although I do think we all change the world in one way or another.

The most historical decision that I know of in my family was made by my mother’s father. My grandfather, it seems, was approached by Henry Ford to invest in his new invention. You know, the car. But, my relative didn’t think it was a sound idea and passed. Would I have made a better choice than he did? Who knows?

Tracing one’s relatives is like dipping into a murky pond and pulling out bits and pieces that somehow account for parts of who I am today. Yes, there was a writer in my family tree. But, more, there were just everyday people falling in love, facing hardships of one kind or another, getting married, having babies.

My red hair comes from my father’s side and my height from my mother’s. But other than that, all I know for certain is the rest is just me. And I am okay with that.


Let’s hop over to the fabulous Brenda Margriet and see what she has discovered…


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