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This week’s challenge comes from the incredible A.S. Fenichel:

Do you keep a journal? Why? Why not? What kind of things to you write: personal, writerly, vague or stream of consciousness? If you want to share a journal entry, we’d love to know your innermost thoughts. If you don’t keep one and you want to make one up, that’s cool too. 😉

I do keep a journal of sorts, but it is in my head. Sometimes it entails all of the above: personal, writerly, vague or stream of consciousness. Sometimes memories.

Mostly, though, if I’m not thinking about my work-in-progress, I am watching the people around me and creating characters and scenarios. For example, when I go to the grocery store, I will analyze what the person in front of me has in their cart. And from that decide what their life is like. Single? Married? Love cooking, hate it? Clean freaks? Pets? Cats or dogs? Are they dieting? Or indulging? So much information from the items stacked in their basket. Now, does it matter if my assessment is right? No, of course not. Because the fun of the game is the guessing.

Now, that is not exactly the same as a journal, except that writing things down in a diary is still based on subjective interpretations, right? Impressions, thoughts.

I think that’s why I never kept a journal. If I’m going to write it down, I would rather it be in story form. Because I have always loved stories best.

OUATCloth_eBook_PROOF2              jesterdance_ebook_proof5                payback_ebook_proof3-2

Now, let’s hop over to the fabulous Jenna Da Sie and found out about her journal…


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