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This week’s challenge comes from the incredible A.S. Fenichel:

Flash Fiction – My favorite color is Yellow. Here’s the first line, you write the rest… Extra points if you use more words for yellow in the story. “Nothing more than a yellow house on the edge of town, but her emotions jumbled whenever she drove by.” The word count is up to you.

So, here’s mine:

Nothing more than a yellow house on the edge of town, but her emotions jumbled whenever she drove by. So many lessons learned. Like: ‘pretty can cover a multitude of sins’ and ‘you never really know what goes on behind closed doors unless you’re the one behind them’.

A pretty little house the color of sunshine, as innocent as a child playing on a warm summer day. A neat yard, well-kept, except the flower boxes boasted withered stalks instead of honey-colored flowers to match the house. The first clue.

It was a cold winter day when the neighbors called the police. An odd smell permeated the frigid air and they had not seen any movement in — well, a while. But then, people liked to think they minded their own business, even though everyone knew that was just another in a layer of pretend. They knew what went on in that cozy little residence. They heard the crying and the screams. But, it was not theirs to interfere. So, they whispered among themselves and went about their days. Until they could no longer ignore it.

The times that she had to pass the place, she couldn’t stifle the shivers. Her friend, Mary, had lived there, but never even hinted at the horror. And then, one day, Mary didn’t come to school. She never came back. And before anyone thought to intervene, it was just a nasty butter-colored shell, soon after surrounded by bright yellow police tape. Yellow, to match the house.

Lessons learned, too painful to contemplate. But, they rose up like a viper ready to strike each and every time she went by that simple little place, painted such a pretty color, like lemons. Yes, exactly like lemons.


Now, let’s hop back to the beginning and see what the fabulous Jenna Da Sie has written.



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