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This week’s challenge comes from the fabulous A.S. Fenichel who also has a new release today:

As Fenichel new release

What can’t you live without? Tell us five things you can’t do without. It can be coffee from your favorite shop or a pink tee-shirt. Whatever it is, tell us about it and why you can’t go on without it.

First on the list is my dog, Jakita.



She is my most avid supporter and thinks I’m brilliant. How do I know? Because when I ask her if she likes my books, she wags her tail – a lot! Okay, so there might be a dog cookie involved. But, every day when I sit down to write, she’s right beside me and I couldn’t do without her.

Next would be my computer. Seriously, years ago I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into believing a computer was the way to go. What was I thinking? Do I even have to name all the reasons I can’t work without it? The most important being Google.

Third would have to be my sewing machine. When I’m stuck on a plot or simply need a dose of immediate gratification, I sit down and make something: a skirt, a vest, a dress. Or pillows. (We now have many pillows). It recharges my batteries. We all run out of gas sometimes and sewing really helps me.

Fourth – Racquetball. Love it. I get exercise and when I play, I become totally immersed in the game and the rest of the world just goes away. Then, I can go back to the keyboard with a fresh outlook.

And last, but certainly not least – wine. Do I really need to elaborate on why it’s a must?


Let’s hop over and check out A.S. Fenichel’s must haves. And don’t forget to check out her newest book! Did I mention it’s releasing TODAY!

As Fenichel new release






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