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Welcome to this week’s challenge. The incredibly talented Brenda Margriet came up with this one:

Brenda Margriet newest

Telling stories is as old as the first time a caveman came back from a hunt and told about the big one that got away. Every family and relationship has a story or two that gets told at every get-together. What’s that story in your family? What’s that tale that everyone loves to hear told over and over again?  

My husband’s and my favorite is the story of our wedding day…and it’s probably not what you’d suspect.

Bob and I decided to have the simplest of weddings. So, off we went, just the two of us, to a Justice of the Peace. Of course, even though I was wearing a simple outfit, I did have on a veil.

During the ceremony, when the JP asked if anyone objected to the union, he looked around and said, “Oops. No one else here.” It was pretty funny.

We had a ‘lavish’ brunch at Cracker Barrel and came back home to plant our garden. Tomatoes, herbs, squash. Then, we made the mistake of going fishing for a little while. For some stupid reason, it never occurred to us the dogs would pop out the doggie door and dig up all the sweet plants we had just lovingly put into the ground. But, before we could solve that problem, we realized our air conditioner had gone out and we had to call the HVAC guy.

We bought some plastic to temporarily wrap around the outside of the garden, replanted what we could salvage, waited as the air conditioner guy replaced whatever needed to be replaced and, finally, it was time to celebrate our wedding. After cleaning up, we went out to a lovely dinner and then crawled into bed and promptly fell sound asleep.

Romantic? Not in the traditional sense. But every year, when I plant the garden again in the spring, I think of our wedding day and smile.


Now let’s hop over and read the story from the wonderful Jenna Da Sie…



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