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Welcome to this week’s blog. We’re so glad you’re here! Here is the question (s):

What is the story behind your name? If you have a pen name, how did you come up with it?

I’m not sure who posed the question and it’s unclear whether it’s the last name or the first or both. But…

My first name came out of thin air. Apparently, my mother was told I was a boy by the doctor before I was born. How did he know? Now, remember, this was before ultrasound was in common practice. I suppose he just guessed. Anyway, my mother picked the name Stephen Barry. I suppose that’s as good a name as any. But, after I was born and she was told I was a girl, the nurse asked her for my name. Now, bear in mind, she was still under the influence of the drugs they gave her…she said Leslie Carol. She never knew where it came from. Luckily, it’s a nice name. Imagine it could have been anything….Later on, my mother tried to think of origins, but, truth be told, it came out of thin air.

My last name…I married it. And so many times, especially after I started writing, my husband has asked if I hated it. No. I just hate that no one can ever spell it. No matter how I pronounce it, to emphasize that it is NOT HATCHEL– it is HACHTEL– very few ever get it right the first time. I tell myself I might sell lots more books if people could spell my name right and find me. What do you think?

But, I love my husband, and after almost nine books (the ninth coming soon) it’s a little late to come up with a pseudonym, so I guess I’m stuck with it.


Let’s see what the fabulous Dani Jace has for a story on her name….

Dani Jace newest


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