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Welcome to this week’s blog hop. This week I came up with the challenge:

What is the writing project you’re thinking about doing next and why?

“The Dream Dancer” started as the first of a three-part series. The second book was “Emma’s Dance” and now, in editing, is the third, “The Jester’s Dance”, which will, hopefully, be released soon.

I was about to move on with another project when Grace, one of the friends in the series and the quiet one, stepped up to demand I tell her story, too. The other three women all had or acquired some paranormal gift, but apparently Grace was privy to a supernatural adventure, too. And she is anxious to tell all about her time traveling. And Pierce. So, “A Dance in Time” has been conceived and has begun. When a character nags, what can you do?

After I finish with Grace’s tale, I plan to write a different series set in an exotic locale…Morocco. And after that, I have a few other ideas up my sleeve.

Let’s hop on over and see what the fabulously talented Brenda Margriet is planning for her next book.

Brenda Margriet newest


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