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This week’s challenge comes from the incredible S. C. Mitchell:
Think back to that day you first decided you were going to write a book/story. Tell us about what led you to start putting those first words on the page.

I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I was living in Seattle in a duplex apartment. I was walking down the stairs to the master bedroom to change the sheets and clean house. I stopped midway and thought — I can do housework or write a book. I have no idea where the idea came from. Maybe the muse? Oh wait, Nora Roberts says there is no ____ muse. Okay, then. But the thought was there and it was irresistible.

I pulled out my typewriter (I know, I know, I’m showing my age here) and wrote a novel. It was a terrible novel, but it didn’t matter. Cupid’s arrow had struck and I was in love. I realized then that I could be anyone, do anything, travel through time, have experiences I could never hope to have otherwise. It was fabulous.

I kept at it and I met with some success (enough to keep me going) and here I am. I sit down every day (at a computer) and dream my dreams and explore new places and the time flies. I can’t imagine not writing.


Let’s hop over and see when our fabulous new member, Marianne Rice, started her journey.


Marianne Rice



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