Romance Weekly



This week’s challenge comes from the fabulous Brenda Margriet:

Brenda Margriet

Describe your perfect writing space/retreat. Do you need hustle and bustle or peace and quiet? Coffee shop or secluded cabin?

Quiet, quiet, quiet. Wait, did I say quiet? Yep. No phone, no teenagers wandering around the house holding computers blasting old sitcoms. Not even a husband lurking at my office door thinking that’s not distracting. I love what Nora Roberts said about family disruptions. It better involve blood and by that she means arterial blood.

Now, I am pretty good about tuning out peripheral noise (okay, the earmuffs help), but when the house is empty and the dog is sleeping…perfect!

If I had my choice, though, I would have a small cabin in the woods with a refrigerator full of food. Next to it would be a (forgive the cliché) babbling brook I could wade in when I needed a break. Of course, life being what it is, it would have to be next to my house. Well, not too close. Out of shouting distance. Ah, the things of dreams….

The Dream Dancer

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Let’s see what the incredible Jenna Da Sie thinks is perfect….




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