Romance Weekly



This week’s challenge comes from the remarkable Tracey Gee:

 Flash Fiction. No set length, but you must include the following: Kevlar, elbow(s), pinking shears, and a copy of The Great Gatsby. For bonus points: intro w/ a haiku or limerick. 

There is a blog about romance

Where questions provide us a dance

We write about sex

And put it in text

Filled with a happy word prance


And away we go…..

It was a magnificent spring day, birds singing, gentle floral scents teasing her nose. The sun warmed her shoulders just enough. Karen was sitting on a bench, trying to look inconspicuous by reading a dog-eared copy of The Great Gatsby. She thumbed through the pages and noticed a few of them had been cut with a pinking shears, the triangular pattern unmistakable. Karen laughed. New rule —never let your niece play with any scissors, even the ones with the blunted tip.

Her elbow was sore from the last encounter like this, but it was worth it. If she could stop someone from hurting anyone else, she would willingly injure more than just her arms.  Karen realized the sun was now causing the Kevlar vest she wore to feel like a coat of lead.   It was hard to breathe. Couldn’t the people who invented these things take human comfort into consideration?  Of course, it was better than a bullet to the heart.

Her mind drifted to visions of the morning. Trevor’s hands all over her body. Good touch. The man was nothing less than delicious and she imagined how they would pick up where they left off when she was finished with this assignment. She shook off the arousing thoughts in order to focus. She had to pay attention and thoughts of Trevor weren’t helping.

She recognized the perp, skulking in the shadows, staring at a young girl. He moved from tree to tree and with each step, Karen’s heartbeat increased. She could feel the adrenaline flowing through her veins, filling her with super power. She was ready, every muscle tense and vibrating. One more step. Take one more step.

This just inspired me to get back to work on my new romantic suspense. In the meantime…

Now let’s hop over and see what the fabulous Brenda Margriet came up with…

Brenda Margriet



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